Giovanni Battista Coiante was born in Rome in 1988 at the end of a decade of wellness and economic growth. The eldest of three brothers, Giovanni comes from a family which has made entrepreneurship a true and dedicated vocation, building a solid business reality over forty-five years of intense, industrious and continuous activity, which became the most important Italian electronic retail chain in 2011, with astonishing revenues of millions of Euros with more than 800 enthusiastic employees.

As far as the Coiantes are concerned, commitment and hard work do represent the two fundamental pillars of it all, and looking into Giovanni’s education, card games are just a pretext to learn how to give the change to the customers. Spare time is more dedicated to getting familiar with company activities rather than going out with friends.

Despite the severity of a trade-oriented education – “in chiesa vacce, al negozio stacce!” (You may go to Church, but you can’t but stay at the shop!), the grandfather used to repeat – Giovanni displays a strong artistic vein inherited from his father; when as young as 14, he devoted himself to the restoration of antique doors turning them into tables. Today his paintings hang on the walls of his living room.

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After completing high school, Giovanni’s path seems to have already been traced: studies in Economics and Commerce to follow in his father’s footsteps in order to carry on with the family business.

However, the most obvious way would not have satisfied his spirit of adventure, so Giovanni decided to study Medicine. A choice that required a great deal courage but, as Benazir Bhutto recalls, “a ship in port is safe, but that’s not why ships were built”.


Crowdfunding and startup

At University, he won the FreeMover call and moved to study in Madrid. Once there, the study in another language of a subject like Medicine, full of technical terms, brings an idea to his mind: there is not a simple solution to practise a foreign language in order to reach the necessary level for his purposes yet (working, integration, and so on).

A startup was born which, thanks to the crowdfunding campaign designed by Giovanni, reached the expected and longed goal in a few hours.

At 24 only, Giovanni finds himself managing a growing business and 89 people, both employees and collaborators, but he understands that it is not time to stop yet. As a matter of fact, he decided to reinvest the earned capital in a startup in an acceleration notice in Chile.



The experience in South America will appear to be decisive for Giovanni’s journey. This is where he comes in contact with many teachers and marketing professionals from all over the world: the United States, Northern Europe, India, just to name a few. “The ethics of entrepreneurship” these people speak about is very different from the Italian one, but this is also the real objective to be achieved.

Back in Italy, Giovanni decides to put the artistic sense inherited from his father together; the experience in business and international training so as to become a credited trainer for the starters of the Lazio and Puglia Regions, the Rome Chamber of Commerce, responsible for training courses and digital marketing for companies and professionals from zero to 100k as well as a Quasar teacher on the topics of Crowdfunding and Guerrilla Marketing.



Moreover, Giovanni’s path does not stop here at all. While studying, working and writing books on Health Marketing (Royal Health will soon be released [link to the Book section]), he dreams of becoming a new generation Health Manager, an expert in Marketing, Communication and Medical fields so to to be able to really make a difference in the health sector in Italy, thanks to real skills and expertise and an innovative approach in an area that is struggling to keep up with the news.

Real knowledge of medicine and high marketing skills are characteristics that we would love to find one day in Italy at the Minister of Health.

Hopefully, if we manage to put competence and meritocracy in the first place, we will probably get there one day.