The panorama of specialized publishing related to marketing is saturated with guides and manuals that pretend to explain how to take off their business in no time. Leafing through them, however, anyone and everyone gets the impression of having a standardized, serial product in front of them.

It is thus even more difficult to find something that is not only original, but also takes the peculiarity of a discipline such as medicine and ethics which necessarily accompanies it into account.

Royal Health. The noble face of Health Marketing is quite different from the usual manuals in the form: we start from examining all the secrets and news of Health Marketing and, after reading this first part, we are invited to turn the book upside down (yes, you read it right, you’ll have to physically turn it over!) in order to continue with a second part dedicated to the deepening of the state of the art and the “what’s next” in the field of digital healthcare.


The presence of the King of Hearts with the various medical tools on the cover (how many individuals do you roughly reckon?) [Alternatively: in your opinion which marketing elements are connected to it?] happens to be a very precise choice for a specific mission: namely, to find again in Medicine, and more generally in Healthcare, healthy tools, face and credit thanks to marketing. And this is the reason why I picked out my motto: “The noble face of Health Marketing”.

Royal Health is the main tool to share with other professionals and enthusiasts of techniques, strategies and winning solutions in the field of health.

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L’Healthcare Marketing è la mia passione e ho scritto Royal Health per condividere con altri professionisti e appassionati tecniche, strategie e soluzioni vincenti nel campo dell’healthcare.

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